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Sony AV3600 Video Recorder.  

EIAJ format NTSC unit reel to reel recorder. 


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Sony TAV-3610 Combination
EIAJ NTSC 1/2" Videocorder & TV

The TAV-3610 is an AV-3600 in a larger case to also accommodate the 9 inch video monitor.  Between this case and the AVC-3200 camera in it's case you had a portable (but still had to be plugged in) video studio!


AV-3650 EIAJ Sony Video Recorder



AV-3650 EIAJ Sony Video Recorder with The Panasonic Solid State TV/ Monitor  Model TR-910N. This unit came in with  a Scotch 361 video tape of Battlestar Galactica featuring the unforgettable Lorne Greene. 


We need a Sony Monitor to set next to this!



Sony AVCE 3450CE Video Camera
CMA-3CE Camera Adapter and Power Supply

This is an early example of a video camera from the mid-late 70's.  Complete with a CMA 3CE adapter and power supply, the camera is in fantastic aesthetic condition considering its age and appears to work as it should.

We have pictured the camera  here resting "back" on it's foldable legs, although they are actually designed so that the camera can rest "forward" on it's lens, in order that the viewfinder can be used as a playback monitor when hooked up to a suitable recorder.  The 75mm lens features typical zoom, focus and iris rings, all with good motion.




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Sony AV8600 - AV8650 

Reel to Reel Video Recorder

(Click photo to see the AV-8650 in detail.)



Sony Trinitron Color Camera, DXC-1200, Ptd. Jan 1975.  TV Zoom Lens 1:1.9, f=14 140 mm




Sony AVC-3200 Video Camera




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Wonder Which Cable Company
News Room This Was From?

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Sony Camera Power Adaptor CMA-2 DC

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CMA-4 Camera Adaptor

The Sony Camera Adaptor CMA-4 is designed to operate the Song Portable Video Camera AVC-3400 Series with Sony AV-Series Videocorders or VO-Series Videocassette Recorders.


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