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Voice of America Station in Saipan
Photos By Ivan Saddler
Copyright 10/2001 SMECC  SMECC 04/04/2009

  Station KSAI was used to broadcast surrender terms to Japan at the end of the war.

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100 KW that was run at 50 KW Western Electric Transmitter at VOA station  at Saipan

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Control console and  transmitter as  KSAI

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There were many  VOA Quonset Huts at KSAI

Due to typhoons in Saipan nets ropes and anchors were used to keep buildings in place (click for larger view)



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Armed Forces Radio Service
APO 244 c/o PM
San Francisco, CaIif.
(printed in the return address space on the  back of the folded 8x11 sheet)


Dear Ed,

It's strange how things happen. I've saved this WXLD-KSAI cartoon for 59 years for no known reason.

Last fall my wife, Jean, asked me the location of Batan. I pulled up a map on the internet to show her and nearby were Guam and Saipan. During the following night I dreamed of WXLD and my time there during the winter and spring of 1946. The following day I searched WXLD and came upon your web site and KSAI-WXLD. This led to photographs of the hut where our studios were. I even remembered bringing the anchors for the pending storm. Ivan Saddler's name appeared and I sent some comments to him. You were next in line.

It's nice to have found a likely home for the cartoon. It is being mailed to you folded since this has been its storage condition over the years.

For your information I am and was: Thomas Roth Bryan ETM 21c, USNR, 264-11-58. Funny how a serial number sticks. Still don't remember my Social Security number.

Sincerely yours,

Tom Bryan





William H. Ramsey friends at WXLD Saipan -- June 1944 to Dec 1945


William H. Ramsey  at WXLD Saipan -- June 1944 to Dec 1945



"My sister remembers Dad mentioning that he'd met Tyrone Power, that he suffered through Dengue Fever.   I also remember mention of Dengue, the heat,  and that he developed a fungus on his toenails that never went away.     I remember that he mentioned being "Uncle Bill" and hosting "Noon Tunes" at WXLD. "     
"Sure wish I'd asked more questions, or paid closer attention when he did talk. "  

Hello. Some years ago I shared some photos, clippings, etc. from my
father, William H. “Bill” Ramsey’s collection while serving with the Armed
Forces Radio Service. Those items are posted at

One of the clippings is of/about subject man, Jim Moore. Today I
came across Mr. Moore’s obituary online and thought I would share it with
you, in case you are interested:


James Moore

James Francis Moore Sept. 26, 1918 - April 10, 2010 Jim had a
wonderfully long and full life. Born in Michigan in 1918, he moved
with his family to Berkeley in 1936. Having developed an interest in
acting while in high school, Jim segued into a career in radio
announcing at KRE while attending UC Berkeley. While at KRE he hosted
a popular jazz program and became involved in the local jazz scene.
After graduation in 1941 he worked at KSFO until World War II
interrupted, taking him to the Pacific Theater where he served four
years as an Army Specialist broadcasting on Armed Forces Radio. Jim
came home in 1946 and married his sweetheart and long-time fan Juanita
Smith. In 1948 he began working for KGO in San Francisco; his various
roles as staff announcer included disc jockey, interviewer,
newscaster, variety show MC - once even presiding over a cooking show!
During his last few years at KGO, Jim was host of the Jim Moore Show,
a kinder, gentler prototype of today's rough and tumble call-in talk
show. After retiring in 1972, Jim and Juanita traveled the world from
their home base in Muir Beach, living for a time in southern France.
Jim and Juanita were actively involved from the early years of the
Marin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. For them, the church remained
a focal point and life-long source of community and friendship. Jim
had a wonderful sense of humor and an insatiable curiosity about the
world around him. He loved hiking the Sierra, music, good food and
good company, his family, and..... bad puns! Jim is survived by his
sister Marjorie Gasser and his three children: Marnie, Jamie, and
Janet Moore, and their partners Michael MacKenzie and Diana Davis. A
Memorial Service will be held on May 23 at 4:00pm at the Marin UUCM,
240 Channing Way, San Rafael CA.

Published in San Francisco Chronicle on April 25, 2010

Marilyn - 8/2013


 Click these photos below for a lager view!


BillRamsey-hostofNoonTunesWXLD.jpg (374817 bytes)  TyronePowerclipping.jpg (788584 bytes)  JimMooreWXLD.jpg (376007 bytes)
SaipanMapalone.jpg (821916 bytes)DailySaipanTargetVJDayeditionpg2.jpg (1240244 bytes)DailySaipanTargetVJDayeditionpg3.jpg (1221993 bytes)

DailySaipanTargetVJDayeditionpg4.jpg (1135610 bytes)DailySaipanTargetVJDayVolIIno10WedAug151945pg1.jpg (1145027 bytes)PulseBeatpg3Jun301945.jpg (1796918 bytes)

PulseBeatpg4June301945.jpg (1602463 bytes)PulseBeatVolIINo8June301945.jpg (1702497 bytes)

SaipanBeaconVJDayAug151945Vol3No13-pg1top.jpg (1295354 bytes)SaipanBeaconVJDay-pg1bottom.jpg (1237184 bytes)SaipanBeaconVJDay-pg1bottom1.jpg (1237184 bytes)

SaipanBeaconVJDay-pg2bottom.jpg (1142699 bytes)SaipanBeaconVJDay-pg2top.jpg (1541011 bytes)SaipanBeaconVJDay-pg3top.jpg (1582433 bytes)

SaipanBeaconVJDay-pg4bottom.jpg (1289340 bytes)SaipanBeaconVJDay-pg4top.jpg (1801810 bytes)

WWIILifesavingleaflet-back.jpg (760866 bytes)WWIILifesavingleaflet-front.jpg (862343 bytes)

WWII Lifesaving Leaflet Presented to GIs Upon Surrender - (and  some money?)


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