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Winfield W. Salisbury - Writings and History

Winfield W. Salisbury  was born on December 27, 1903. 

Winfield died on October 21, 1999 at 95 years old.


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The Early Years of Winfield Salisbury!

Salisbury at the University of Iowa.

Salisbury - The Lawrence Years

Salisbury - Harvard Radio Lab

Salisbury - SCR-584 Jamming 

Salisbury Visits Los Alamos

Salisbury At Collins Radio (Being redone!)

Microwave Oven At Iowa State Fair

California Research and Development Company

Gray Scientific Division of the Remler Company

1956-1958: Salisbury At Zenith Radio Research Corporation 

Salisbury At VARO - Garland Texas

Scans of news articles many un-dated

Winfield W. Salisbury Patents U.S.  and Abroad 



wpe15.gif (202715 bytes)Winfield W. Salisbury, Sc. D.

(From A Booklet found in the Collection)

Winfield W. Salisbury, B.A., Sc. D., was born in Carthage, Illinois on December 27, 1903; son of Mormon parents, Herbert Spencer and Leona G..(Scott) Salisbury.

Married to Elma M. Stone since December 22, 1928.

Children: Winfield W. II, Sylvia Leona, William Alan, April Carina.

Attended Texas A & M College; B.A., University of Iowa, 1926; University of California (Berkeley); Sc. D., Cornell College, 1950.

1978 to Date: Energy Profiles Inc., 121 E. Chelsea Circle, Newton Square, Penna., Director' of Nuclear Research, Development and Patents.

Six U.S. Patents allowed and sixty-four Foreign patent applications pending during 1983.

1977 to Date: Magnafrac Research and Development, 2201 Scott Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. Director of Research and Patents.

Four U.S. and nine Foreign Patents allowed, with six applications pending relative to Drilling and Perforating of oil/gas well bore holes using high-powered laser technology.

1977-1982: Occidental Research Corp., Division of Occidental Petroleum Company, 2100 S.E. Main Street, Irvine, California. Nuclear Physics Consultant.

Multiple Patents allowed and pending relative to nuclear fusion produced by deuterium bombardment of fusible pellets.

Winfield died on October 21, 1999 at 95 years old.


1965-1977: Harvard College Observatory and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1958-1965: Varo, Inc., Garland, Texas, Research and Development in Radiation Weapons for U.S. Air Force; Chief Scientist.

1956-1958: Zenith Radio Research Corporation, Salisbury Laboratory, Redwood City, California, Director of Research in Nuclear Fusion and magnetic confinement 2.5-million gauss magnetic field.

1954-1955: Gray Scientific Division of the Remler Company, San Francisco, California, Director of Research. Patents and Development of first digital radio receiver.

1952-1955: California Research and Development Company, Livermore, California, Chief Nuclear Physicist. Invented process for converting U-238 and thorium to nuclear fission fuel, which led to development of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. (Classified)

1952; University of California (Berkeley), Mackay Professor of Electrical Engineering.

1945-1951: Collins Radio, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Director of Research

Developed microwave communications.

Designed, built and operated two (2) cyclotrons for Atomic Energy Commission, also 50' radio telescope for the U. S. Navy - still in use at the Naval Research Lab.

Invented, developed and manufactured radio sextant still in use by U. S. Navy.

1942-1945: Harvard Research Radio Laboratory, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Group Coordinator and Member of the Governing Board.

Designer and builder of UHF ultra high-powered radio jamming transmitter used to eliminate German airborne night fighter radar. (power increase of 1,000 to lover previous methods)

1942-1945: Inventor, designer and builder of 800,000 watt noise modulated VHF transmitter for jamming German Fighter Command on "D" day at Brighton, England.

1942-1945: Inventor and developer of the use of "chaff" (alurninurn foil strips) for interfering with German Anti-Aircraft Radar. ( believe this was for the 'tuning of chaff' -eas)

1942-1945: Inventor and developer of countermeasures against German rocket-powered glide bomb (German measles) .

1941-1942: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Radiation Laboratory, Group Leader of Radio Frequency Group.

Invented first non-reflective coating for Radar pulses (known as Salisbury Screen) ,first non-contacting rotary joints for Radar waveguides and transmission lines, first choke connector for waveguides and first gas discharge switch for microwave Radar.

1937-1941: Radiation Laboratory, University of California (Berkeley).

Introduced first "high-Q" circuits in cyclotrons and designed and built 350,000 volts R.F. into 60" cyclotron at Berkeley.

Designed and built first 200,000 watt parasitic-free oscillator for cyclotrons.

1931-1936: Radio Sound Recording, Hollywood, California, Consulting Engineer.

Designed and built first inverse feed-back audio amplifier and revolutionary new concept in condenser microphones.

1930-1931: Hollywood Film Enterprises, Chief Recording Engineer, Hollywood, California.

1928-1930: Sound Movies and Phonograph Recording, Consulting Engineer.

1927-1928: University of California (Berkeley), Assistant Teacher of Physics.

1926-1927: University of Iowa, Iowa City, Research Assistant Physics Department. Developer of first practical 300 megahertz CW oscillator.

In 1949 Harvard Astronomical Annual cited Dr. Salisbury for his investigations of the lunar surface by microwaves as one of the ten outstanding contributors to astronomy.

The Presidential Certificate of Merit, 1951, and Certificates of Merit from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University for work with the Office of Scientific Research and Development, National Defense Research Committee, were conferred on Dr. Salisbury.

Organizational memberships include: Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Fellow of the American Physical Society, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow of the American Astronautical Society, Member of the American Astronomical Society, Member of the Optical Society of America, Member of the Optical Society of Texas, Member of the New York Academy of Science, Member of Sigma Xi, and Cosmos Club of Washington. Member Explorers Club New York, N.Y.

Dr. Salisbury has served as consultant to many commercial organizations including General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Westinghouse, Lockheed, Raytheon, Arthur D. Little plus non-profit organizations such as M.I.T., University of California Radiation Laboratory, Carnegie Institution and the Rand Corp. "think-tank".

A few of Dr. Salisbury's contributions to basic science are early design and construction and development of cyclotrons; research and working designs for high power vacuum tubes, including those vacuum tubes developed between 1941 and 1945 to jam enemy (German) radar; development of the still in operation Naval Research Laboratory fifty-foot radar telescope; thermal observation of the Moon surface using microwaves which led to the first significant theory, by Dr. Salisbury, of dust on the lunar surface, as later verified by the Apollo Project; contributor to the construction and operation of the M.T.A. accelerator at the Livermore Branch of Lawrence Radiation Laboratory where he worked with Dr. Lawrence from 1952- 1955; and the basic new design concept of the high power vacuum tubes for the linear accelerator at the University of Minnesota.

Other contributions included his membership in, and contributions to Project Troy and Project Lamp Light at M.l.T. and Project East River for Associated Universities.

Dr. Salisbury has recently completed a series of research projects on the generation of visual light from the oscillation of free electrons and the effect of simulated lightning on meteoric dust.

He is currently involved in basic research in methods of nuclear fusion, the transmission and reception of communication gravity waves, advance general relativity theory, advanced and new commercial applications of extremely high powered Laser particularly relating to the fields of drilling and perforating deep wells and in the permanent safe disposal of nuclear waste.

Dr. Salisbury is listed in numerous "Who's Who" publications such as "Who's Who in the World", "Who's Who in America", "American. Men of Science" and "Who's Who in Space".

He has authored many technical papers and is the holder of numerous United States and foreign patents.



1936 Observations on Capacitive Character of Human Body in Electrocardiograph Circuits, M. Papers, Christian Birthday Volume, pp 76-86, 1936, New York. (with H. Rosenblum.)

1939 An Improved Magnetostriction Oscillator, Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 10, p 142, April, 1939, New York (with C. W. Porter.)

An Efficient Piezo-Electric Oscillator, Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 10, p 269, September, 1939, New York. (with C. W. Porter.)

Initial Performance of the 60-inch Cyclotron of the Wm. N. Crocker Radiation Laboratory, University of California, Physical Review, Vol. 56, p 124, July to 'December, 1939, New York. (with E. O. Lawrence and others.)

Modified Arc Source for the Cyclotron, Physical Review, Vol. 56, p 836, October, 1939, New York. (with E.M. McMillan.)

1946 The Resnatron, Electronics, Vol. 19, pp 92-97, February,

1946, New York. High Power Tubes for VHF Operation, Communications, Vol. 26, no. 6, p 33, June, 1946, New York.


1947 A Theory of the Origin of Cosmic Rays, Colloques du Internationaux, Entre National de la Recherche Scientifique, p 31, September, 1947, Lyon. (with D. H. Menzel.)

Accelerators for Heavy Particles, Nucleonics, Vol. 1, no. 3, pp 34-44, November, 1947, New York.

1948 Audio-Frequency Radio Waves From the Sun, Nature, Vol. 161, P 91, January 17, 1948, London. (with D. H. Menzel.)

The Origin of Cosmic Rays, Nucleonics, Vol. 2, no. 4, pp 67-70, April 1948, New York. (with D.H. Menzel.)

1949 Exposure to Microwaves, Electronics, Vol. 22, pp 66-67, May, 1949, New York. (with J. W. Clark and H. M. Hines.)

1952 A New Kind of Radio Propagation at Very High Frequencies Over Long Distances, Physical Review, Vol. 86, pp 141-145, April 15, 1952, New York. (with D. K. Bailey, R. Bateman, L. V. Berhner, H. G. Booker, G. F. Montgomery, E. M. Purcell, J. B. Miesher.)

A New Type of Propagation, Transactions of the Institute of Radio Engineers, Professional Group on Antennas and Propagation, No.4, pp 47-52, December, 1952, New York (with C. H. Papas.)


1959 Multi-phase Magnetic Propulsion of Projectiles, Proceedings of the Third Symposium on_ Hypervelocity, Vol. 1, p 553, February, 1959, published by Armour Research Foundation, Chicago, Illinois.

1962 This Valve Generates Light Waves, New Scientist, Vu 1. 16, No. 314, P 442, November, 1962, London.

1964 Nonlinear Effects in Radiation Generation Through the Coupling of Electron Beams with Diffraction Gratings, Conference on Non-linear Processes _in_ the Ionosphere, December 16-17, _1963, National Bureau of Standards, Technical Notes, No. 211, Vol. v, P 111, April 4, 1964, Washington, D. C.

1966 A Method for Translunar Radio Communication, Nature, Vol. 211, No. 5052, p 950, August 27, 1966, London.

Generation of Light from Free Electrons, Science, Vol. 154, No. 3748, P 386-388, October 21, 1966, Washington, D. C.

1968 The Properties of the Moon as a Radio Lens, to be published by NASA Ames Research Center as part of the proceedings of their Conference which was held in June of 1968. Presented at Conference.


Radio Measurement of the Internal Temperature of the Moon, Astronomical Journal, Vol. 73, No.2, supple 1357, March, 1968.

1969 Velocity of Gravitational Waves, Nature, Vol. 224, November 22, 1969.

1970 Generation of Light from Free Electrons, Journal of the Optical Society of America, Vol. 60, No. 10, P 1279-1284, October, 1970.

Menzel, D. H. / 1, W. W. Salisbury, and D. L. Fernald /_2: A System for Recording the Polarization of Extended Astronomical Objects. Applied Optics, 9, 2648-2649, 1970.

Salisbury, W. W.: The properties of the Moon as a Radio Lens. In Electromagnetic Exploration of the Moon, ed. W. I. Linlor. Mono Book Corp., 217-228, 1970

1971 Salisbury, W. W. and D. L. Fernald  /_ 2: Subsurface Temperatures of the Moon. J. Astronautical Sci., 18, 236-243, 1971.

Salisbury, W. W. and D. L. Fernald /_2: Post-Occultation Reception of Lunar Ship Endeavour Radio Transmission. Nature, 234, 95, 1971.


1973 Menzel, D. H. /_1 and W. W. Salisbury: Pulsar Radiation as a Magnetic-Dipole Synchrotron Emission. (Abstract). Memoires _de la Societe Royal des Sciences _de Liege, 6th Series, 5, 219, 1973

Salisbury, W. W. and D. L. Fernald /_2: Post-Occultation Reception of Lunar Ship America Radio Transmission. Nature, 242, 601, 1973.

1974 Salisbury, W. W., and Donald H. Menzel  /_ 1: The Gyron Field, A Gravitational Analogue of Magnetic Force, Nature, 1975.

/ 1 D. H. Menzel - Professor Emeritus of Astronomy; previously Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University, and Diretor of Harvard Observatory. (deceased)

/_ 2 D. L. Fernald - Assistant to Dr. Salisbury at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.



1,869,715 Wave Filter Impedance Coupled Amplifier Aug. 2, 1932

2,437,482 High-Frequency Electrical Transmission Line Mar. 9, 1948

2,451,876 Radio-Frequency Joint Oct. 19, 1948

2,489,436 Method and Apparatus for Producing Neutrons Nov. 29, 1949

2,492,324 Cyclotron Oscillator System Dec. 27, 1949

2,509,045 Ultra High Frequency Radiation Indicating System May 23, 1950

2,541,836 Inner Conductor Joint for Coaxial Lines Feb.13, 1951

2,547,412 High-Frequency Mixer Apr. 3, 1951

2,562,319 Electron Discharge Device of the Cavity Resonator Type with Feedback Jul.31, 1951

2,591,012 Electron Tube of the High-Frequency and High-Power Type Apr. 1, 1952

2,597,752 Thermoelectric Power Generator May 20, 1952

2,599,944 Absorbent Body for Electromagnetic Waves Jun.10, 1952

2,605,357 Power Divider Circuit Jul.29, 1952

2,609,449 Cavity Resonator Sep. 2, 1952

2,634,372 Super High-Frequency Electromagnetic Wave Generator Apr. 7, 1953

2,659,000 Variable Frequency Cyclotron Nov.10, 1953

2,669,653 Cyclotron Tuning Apparatus Feb.16, 1954

2,688,107 Electron Beam Device Aug.31, 1954

2,691,118 Extremely High Frequency Electronic Devices Oct. 5, 1954

2,760,103 Multiple Mode Excitation Apparatus Aug.211 1956

2,785,265 Inductor Mar.12, 1957

2,866,917 Electromagnetic Wave Generator Dec.30, 1958

2,870,675 Acceleration Amplifier Jan.27, 1959

2,939,998 Direct Radiation Vacuum Tube Jun. 7, 1960

2,963,669 Air-Core Transformer Dec. 6, 1960

2,976,533 A Radar Antenna with a Huge Reflector Mar.21, 1961

3,024,394 Low Inductance Condenser Mar. 6, 1962

3,059,149 Plasma Accelerator Oct.16, 1962

3,211,570 Process of Making Sine Wave Gratings Oct.12, 1965


3,214,690 Device for Converting from Radio Frquency Power to Power Frequency Power Oct,26, 1965

3,437,862 Method and Apparatus for the Production of Controlled Deuterium Fusion Apr. 8, 1969

3,998,281 Earth Boring Method Employing High Powered Laser and Alternate Fluid Pulses. (Salisbury-Stiles) Dec. 21, 1976

3,936 Saudi Arabian Patent notice re: U.S.

3,998,281 and 4,066,138 Mar.23, 1977

849,646 Belgium Patent re: U.S. 3,998,281

and 4,066,138 Jun. 6, 1977

17,801 Iranian Patent re: U.S. 3,998,281

and 4,066,138 Sep.24, 1977

4,066,138 Earth Boring Apparatus Employing

High Powered Laser (Salisbury-Stiles) Jan. 3, 1978

722 Peru Patent re: U.S. 3,998,281 and

4,066,138 May 9, 1978

1,053,219 Canadian Patent re: U.S. 3,998,281

and 4,066,138 Apr.24, 1979

1,570,700 United Kingdom Patent re: U.S.

3,998,281 and 4,066,138 Apr.24, 1979

7,638,382 France Patent re: U.S. 3,998,281

and 4,066,138 Aug.20, 1979

144,822 Mexico Patent re: U.S. 3,998,281

and 4,066,138 Nov.24, 1981

PI-7608508 Brazil Patent re: U.S. 3,998,281

and 4,066,138 Jul.27, 1982

4,199,034 Method and Apparatus for Perforating Oil and Gas Wells Apr.22, 1980

4,282,940 Apparatus for Perforating Oil and Gas Wells Aug.1l, 1981

4,318,449 Electric Drive Propulsion System for Vehicles Mar. 9, 1982

"Particle-Induced Thermonuclear Fusion"

( DOC. 1 0 5 - 0 - 7 7 A) / 1

"High-Density Ion Source"

(DOC. 145-0-79) / 1

"Methods and Apparatus for Producing Ion Utilizing Metal Foils"

(DOC. 61-0-80) /_1

"Multi-Stage Ion Beam Accelerator Driven by a Single Pulse Line" (also Jorda and Phelps)

(Doc. 6-0-81) /_1

/1 Patents allowed but not yet assigned -- a patent number.


wpe15.gif (202715 bytes)

Photo Credit:

Photo taken in October, 1969 at Dr. Salisbury's Smithsonian Astrophysical Lab., Cambridge,Mass.

 Dr. Salisbury had publicly predicted in December, 1949, at the time he was made a fellow of the IRE (now IEEE) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that, "I expect to have a piece of Moon rock on my desk for examination within 20 years". The object he is studying in the photo is that piece of Moon rock.

winfie9.gif (165257 bytes)

Winfield W. Salisbury Showing spherical 
focus to represent Luna effect on radio 
waves at Harvard Observatory 1969.

 Some expansion on companies where Winfield Salisbury  worked.


Hollywood Film Enterprises- Bill Horsley Laboratory[edit]

In 1916 William Horsley withdrew from the Universal company and set up the Bill Horsley Laboratory, later known as Hollywood Film Enterprises, Inc., devoted exclusively to the developing and printing of 35 mm. films.

From the 1930s to the 1960s, Hollywood Film Enterprises diversified its activities into the 16mm and 8mm "home movie" area. During those years, they were the exclusive distributor of Walt Disney's cartoons in 8mm and 16mm for home movie and "toy" projectors. HFE also at various times offered Walter Lantz and Hugh Harman-Rudolf Ising cartoons as well; along with home movie reels of Laurel and Hardy, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, various Hal Roach and Al Christie comedies, and a Tarzan series edited from a silent era serial. They left the home movie business in the 1960s when Disney withdrew their license and started their own home movie division. The company was later known as Hollywood Film and Video, Inc.

William was David's silent partner in "David Horsley Productions" (1916 to 1919) 17 films between) 1916 to 1919 listed in the Internet Movie Data base (IMDB) and possibly the 55 films (1916 to 1919) released using "The Centaur Film Company" Name. "Centaur Film Company", as a film studio appears to have existed in Bayonne, New Jersey, until the opening of Nestor Studios Hollywood in 1912. The name used again (1916 to 1919, by David Horsley after he sold his shares in Universal Pictures.








Table 10.1
Cyclotroneers Recruited to the MIT Radiation Laboratory in 1940/1



At Rad Lab

First assignment

Last post(s)


Alvarez, L.



airborne radar, then gp ldr, attack plane radar

div hd, Beacons


Bacher, R.



gp ldr, indicators

div hd, Receivers


Bainbridge, K.



gp ldr, modulators

div hd, Transmitters


DuBridge, L.






McMillan, E.



field testing

field testing

sonar lab

Pollard, E.



mbr, indicator design; proj. eng., coastal surveillance

ass div hd, Ground and Ships; mbr steering com'tee


Ramsey, N.



gp ldr, magnetrons

liaison with Army Air Force


Salisbury, W.



gp ldr, rf components

gp ldr, rf components


Van Voorhis, S.



gp ldr, roof systems

gp ldr, x-band receivers


White, M.



mbr, pulser group

div hd, Airborne Systems; mbr, steering com'tee


Source: Radiation Laboratory, Staff (1946).


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